The historic town of Lahaina, located on Maui’s western shores, has been the home to several critical Hawaiian industries: whaling, pineapple, and sugar. Most recently, it’s become the heart of Maui’s tourism industry.

While other towns might succumb to change with the constant tide of visitors, Lahaina manages to stay tied to its Hawaiian roots. A nexus between historic tradition and modern island culture, this beach town offers a variety of engaging and authentic experiences. There’s a reason this town is popular with both tourists and locals alike!

(And as the home to Moana Glass for the past 2 years, we’re willing to vouch for this town’s everlasting charm).

Ready to experience the best things to do in Lahaina?

Here’s what we recommend for an incredible visit to this beautiful, idyllic beach town.

1. Best Lahaina Activity – Stroll Front Street

View of historic buildings in Lahaina

Close your eyes. Imagine a dreamy street filled with art galleries, cafes, and beach bars. There’s a good chance you’re picturing Lahaina’s historic Front Street. The street is reminiscent of many East Coast beach towns. Though it does offer some unique-to-Maui experiences like local favorites Ono Gelato, and the restaurant Fleetwood on Front Street.

We always recommend visitors start with a stroll down this iconic street; we consider it the pulse of this town. The buzz is electric, especially around sunset.

Fun fact

The American Planning Association ranked Front Street as one of the “Top Ten Greatest Streets” in the country.

2. Blow a Glass Souvenir

Private Class at Moana

Leave the “Made in China” souvenirs behind in favor of handblown glass sculpture from Moana Glass. Moana Glass is the only studio in Maui that allows you to take a private lesson and return home with a custom blown souvenir.

The lesson is easy and enjoyable. First, you’ll find the shape that speaks to you. From there, your instructor will lead you through the process, selecting colors, learning about tools and techniques and ensuring your success and safety.

Time and time again, visitors cite this as THE BEST thing they did on Maui. We couldn’t agree more.

3. Visit the Lahaina Heritage Museum

The Old Lahaina Courthouse

Housed in the beautiful Old Lahaina Courthouse (built in 1869) is the Lahaina Heritage Museum. Visitors are welcome to stroll through the museum’s exhibits and learn about distinct periods in Lahaina’s past: the ancient times, the monarchy period, the whaling and missionary era, the plantation era, and the modern era of tourism. History comes alive with artifacts from each period like walrus ivory, kerosene stoves, and 1950’s s hula dolls. It’s a great place to spend the rare rainy afternoon or even escape the sun for a few hours.

Interested in more museums? Make sure to stop by the Plantation Museum as well.

Fun fact

Lahaina once served as the Kingdom of Hawaii’s capital city from 1820 to 1845.

4. Whale Watch

Humpback Whale fluke in Lahaina

Whale watching is seasonal, but it’s s a must-do if you’re in Lahaina during the winter months. February is the high season, but whales are often spotted as early as November when whales start moving to warmer waters to birth their calves.

If you’re interested in an organized whale watching expedition, the Pacific Whale Foundations offers a “the Ultimate Whale Watch” tour once a week. These knowledgeable and expert guides include researchers and marine biologists. Many of whom have studied whale migration since the 1980s.

Fun fact

The Hawaiian word for whale is Kohola.

5. Snorkel at Ka’anapali Beach

Ka’anapali Beach

Beautiful beaches in Hawaii may seem like they’re re a dime a dozen. But believe us when we say Ka’anapali Beach is one of the best in the world. Bright blue waters and white sand make up this postcard perfect beach.

You can rent snorkel gear and other beach gear from nearby vendors in kiosks if you do not have your own. Additionally if you’re interested in eating, the beach has several popular seaside restaurants within a walking distance.

With so much to do, the only question is what you will do first? Leave us a comment below with what you’re most looking forward to doing in beautiful Lahaina.

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